A Mosque is a place of worship for followers of Islamic faith. Muslims often refer to the Mosque by it’s Arabic’ name : MASJID. The primary purpose of the mosque is to serve as a place where Muslims can come together for prayer. Nevertheless , mosques are known around the world nowadays for their general importance to the Muslim community, they are not only places for worship and prayer, but also places to learn about Islam and meet fellow believers. A great emphasis on the building and maintenance of mosques has been laid from the very beginning of Islam. There are several Ahadeeth that reflect on the importance of mosques. -O ye people, Praise Allah, whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah, the exalted, shall build a house for such one in paradise. -Mosques are the houses for Allah and those believers who enter therein are the guests of Allah. There are 3 fundamental reasons for building mosques:
1- A mosque facilities an promotes worship of Allah and therefore foster a personal bond of love and devotion between man and his God.
2- A mosque is essentially a first step toward fostering unity and brotherhood among people.

3- A mosque provides an effective tool for inviting people to Allah.
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